Solaleh Media 

Solaleh Media has started its work in two sectors: infrastructure, headquarters, and content production.
Creating intra-organizational communication infrastructure
Providing a platform for converting traditional administrative processes to online media
Review of hardware infrastructure
The survey showed that the media has significant effects on its audience and children are exposed to more negative effects. Visual and audio media can be more effective than other media. With its special features, the Internet has been able to contain all the features of other media and on the other hand, it has created more traction among the audience, especially children and teenagers. For this reason, despite the potential opportunities it has, it can be a serious threat to children and teenagers today. The impact of the media and its threats to children has become a global issue, and global measures have been devised to solve it and reduce the negative effects of the media.
Solaleh Media is trying to play an effective role in reducing its negative effects by informing families and also by producing standard and authentic Iranian Islamic content, by developing media literacy among parents and especially the target audience. Turning the threats of such media into opportunities and taking advantage of them for the development of public culture and individual and social knowledge can be one of the other goals of the Solaleh media to reduce the risks of the media.

Solaleh Smart System

Solaleh's smart system is designed based on the needs of Solaleh's cultural complex so that users can have full access to all Solaleh's services by registering in this system. Tracking the path of using services, monitoring information, etc. are other features of this system

Navid system

In organizations with a systematic approach, the existence of an automation system is one of the most important executive and strategic elements. The Navid system has been designed and implemented by benefiting from all the specific needs of Solaleh in the phases: administrative, financial, educational, executive, and security

Online Reservation

Environmental protection is one of its most important concerns of Solaleh. For this reason, this was achieved by mechanizing the pre-registration process of Solaleh centers. Solaleh online reservation system has made the traditional and time-consuming reservation process easier and more enjoyable by benefiting from the latest programming methods and with its smart system


Launching a parenting web application for mothers and children under 7 years of age with the ability to install it on all platforms is one of Solatech's products. Rich and specialized content according to age groups, online support, etc. is another feature of this web application. The guidance and coaching system is by your side in all stages