Tasnim Solaleh

Our life at school was a struggle to grow. Everything that was held at school, sports class, lego classes, cleaning times, the lessons and exercises we had, and the exams we prepared for, were all ways in which we learned to learn.

Every morning we tasted the taste of love in Tasnim and the fragrance of companionship and the same breath remained in the nostrils of our souls.

In Tasnim, we learned to search for our dreams as if the whole world is in our hands. Always believe in ourselves and our abilities and know that we can reach the sky. We found the courage to risk all our savings to reach the peak, and if we lose, start again from nothing with love and passion.

Now we are going to become part of the sky and remain eternal and immortal forever.

:Tasnim From the point of view


The night is the quiet time when my thoughts wake up. Thoughts for tomorrow, the tomorrow that begins for me with the dawn of school and lively and rich moments that do not go well with comfort and well-being. This high volume of children's enthusiasm requires constant thinking. Every night I thought about tomorrow how they design their unique world and what I can do to make them create the best.

The school was warm hours of refreshing children's presence that provided pure opportunities to soar and we all found our wings to fly. The windows of Tasnim had a different perspective that required different steps, sure and tireless steps, a round-the-clock and non-stop effort, and every night I thought about what surprises are waiting for us tomorrow.


From the day she became Tasnim’s student, her walking and talking style changed. She was thinking and caring about things that she had no place in her mind before. I felt many changes in her mood. I had a very good feeling that she listens and looks more seriously and carefully than before. I could see the growth of her mind and perception and I also joined her. I approved everything important to her. Her orderliness, ironing, feeding schedule, arriving on time, constant contact with the teacher, and guides, and generally being in harmony with all the school affairs.

I was optimistic about all the bitterness and difficulties that sometimes I did not know the meaning of. She grew bigger day by day. She wanted me to want and I wanted more. Her seriousness and effort took away my laziness and tolerance. The cheerfulness of her days also made our nights smile.

Although her audacity scares me, I tried to be brave and provide her with security and comfort so that she can take her steps confidently. I was trying my best to join Tasnim shoulder to shoulder with the hope that I will build a new world for my daughter and that she will also build the world of our tomorrow.


Every Tasnim day was a special day. Nothing became repetitive or habitual, even the rules and regulations, everything was to respect our love and affection for the school and the pure nature of this space. Dark and bright in the morning, after checking the cleanliness and ironing the clothes and all the equipment, I would walk. On the way, I checked all the assignments and plans for the day to make sure I didn't miss anything. When I entered the yard, I would look at the blackboard to see who wrote her heart's words.

Every morning when I passed by the punching bag, I was tempted to punch it so that this dangling and the lonely thing wouldn't feel useless.

Every day was the creation of a pure feeling of prayer, my love for the country, and my attachment to Tasnim, and every morning contained vitality that was injected into our veins.

After classes and lessons in yellow and orange rooms and teaching and learning, which sometimes took the color of boredom, the presence of classmates again brought with its freshness.

I thought about my classmate, her happiness and sadness, her worries and dreams, I helped her as much as I could and wanted the best for her.

Along the lines of being together, we reached the last hour. The most annoying thing in Tasnim was the quick passage of time. I was patiently gathering my things. I was in no rush. I was looking for any excuse to spend more minutes at school. Any excuse from cleaning and wiping the door and window to repeatedly saying goodbye to all the teachers and children and asking a thousand and one obvious questions to the guidance teacher for leaving a little later. But we had to go. Only the voice of the service manager could separate us, and when I left school, I always felt as if I had left something behind. I checked my things several times to make sure I didn't leave anything behind. But what was this strange feeling? Yes, the school had become a part of me and I was a part of the school. This connection was rooted in my soul and every day I left it was as if I had left something behind.


Tasnim's History

Designed by Miss.Sahar Kodeyri
A view of Tasnim School ( Designed by Miss.Sahar Kodeyri)


The growth of awareness about what is beautiful and the effort to cultivate the sense of aesthetics in all its dimensions is at the heart of religious education. These dimensions include love and fascination for various beauties, awareness of harmony and order, love for aestheticism in designs, support for honesty and truth and perfection in character, and rejection of phenomena such as violence, hatred, jealousy, greed, and greed.

Since prayer fulfills the human soul’s need for communication and closeness with the creator of the universe, prayer was included in the daily schedule of girls to make girls aware of valuable spiritual themes by creating a pleasant atmosphere. cultivate the roots of these beauties in their souls. Also, patriotic songs were sung, which instills a love for the country in every cell of ours, and finally, we sang the Tasnim song with all our hearts.

Tasnim's song



The desert is a history that has appeared in the form of geography. The desert is like a sea, but not a sea of ​​water and rain and pearls and straw and coral, but a sea of ​​dirt, sand, dust, snakes, and lizards and most of the reptiles and sometimes the flight of a lonely and displaced bird or a frightened and nestless bird.

The desert trip included visiting the salt lake, visiting the historic caravanserai, camping in the heart of the desert, learning how to encounter reptiles and desert creatures, rolling in soft sand, and long walks, and enduring the pressure of thirst. The desert taught us how to live in difficult conditions, how deal with psychological pressures, strengthen the spirit of self-confidence and courage and broaden our perspectives.

Rahiyan Noor (1)

According to Tasnim tradition, we hit the heart of nature for stability and strength. By the side of SpeidRoud (the River) with constant winds and cloudy sky, this place is Manjeel.

This trip was a military trip to spend 60 hours of preliminary and intensive defense preparation training around the clock in the Gilvan training area. This course included teaching how to set up a tent, how to carry a weapon, read a map and work with a compass, walk at night, and perform military exercises.

Creating special situations for individual and collective decision-making, strengthening self-confidence and the spirit of courage, fostering and developing Iranian identity, love and affection for homeland through familiarity with the country’s political and social manifestations and respect for them, promoting a sense of loyalty To homeland, one of the purposes of this trip was military.

 Rahiyan Nour (2)

The enemy is a word that today we have to understand its meaning. But years ago, the people of our land understood the meaning of this word with their flesh and blood. The south is a land that has recorded the bravery and courage of the people of that era. During this trip, Tasnim girls visited the war zones of Abadan, Khorramshahr, and Dehlawiyeh, or heard the stories of the resistance and bravery of the soldiers of the homeland, which added to their national pride.

During this trip, Tasnim girls visited the war zones of Abadan, Khorramshahr, and Dehlawiyeh and added to their national pride by hearing the stories of resistance and masculinity of the soldiers of the homeland. Cultivating the spirit of loyalty to the country, cultivating and developing the Iranian identity, cultivating the spirit of defending the all-round independence of the country, and getting to know the techniques and methods of military and civilian defense in preserving the integrity of the country, were among the goals of this trip.


To familiarize the girls with Iran’s cultural heritage, a trip to Shiraz was prepared for each period. Before the trip, classes called “Ancient Iran” were held to familiarize the children with the history of the Achaemenids, so that they would have the necessary preparation to make the most of this trip.

Nature Tour ( Abr Jungle)

A program called a nature tour was held every two weeks. These outings were formed to create mental peace for the girls due to being in the open nature and breaking away from any bustle and anxiety of the city and learning forgiveness and generosity from nature and turning the girls into resilient, calm, bold, and ambitious people. This event included visits to Sangan waterfall, Derkeh, band yakhchal, Shahristanak village, Darabad, Ahar, etc.

Ibn Babouyeh (Takhti's tomb)

For Iranians, Takhti is a manifestation of zeal and masculinity. Many moral-human values ​​can be told for girls by addressing his biography and life story. To respect this great man, on the anniversary of his death, we used to go to his grave in Ibn Babuyeh.

Center for the blinds

To get to know the silent voice of love, to get to know a group that sees the world with different eyes, and to know that life is not the only thing we see, we visited the center for the blind. For this purpose and to develop the level of communication, Braille was taught in the school for three months. At the end of this course, each of the girls chose a story or a poem as their final project and presented it to their friends in Braille during their visit to the blind center.

Nowruz Packages

The winter was memorable for the members of the Tasnim group in many ways. One of these cases was the preparation of special Nowruz packages for girls. Each year’s packages were different from the previous year and contained educational and lesson materials related to each period, and the 13 days of Eid filled the children with joy. as if we were all spending days together. In these packages, every day of Eid, a collection of curricular and non-curricular assignments, letters, and gifts from teachers, as well as an attractive and exciting activity, were seen. On the last nights of March, the school witnessed the coming and going of teachers with red and sleepy eyes, but full of motivation and emotion, almost around the clock. The students also prepared similar packages for the teachers, but secretly, so that in the last days of March, all people would make each other happy with the packages