Solaleh Khosheh
Solaleh is formed from the heart of each of its people and it is a house with an endless roof…
It is as far as the eye can see and the heart wants.
Thanks to every presence that was formed in it, it remained and will remain…

A Mother’s Point of View
For me, Solalah Khosheh reminds me of a sweet part of my son’s preschool days. A day with stress from emotional changes that often accompany me in such situations; We entered the Solaleh house. The patient, kind and professional treatment of all loved ones, especially the head of my child’s group, calmed both me and my son, and very soon we both realized how relaxing this house can be for us. My husband & I, and Hossein all grew up in the same line.
We got acquainted with the wonderful method of Solaleh and we got to know the small and of course important and key points that were necessary to develop self-confidence, creativity, patience, and recognition of emotions in Hossein, very slowly and continuously, and of course according to the principles.
We recognized our weaknesses in parenting, and this was while we witnessed the growth of Hossein’s identity, creativity, and empowerment in all areas of development, thanks to the indirect and at the same time accurate and intensive training of the training group. When we could communicate with cluster team members at any moment and use their detailed and patient guidance.

We felt safe and calm. Hossein’s happy eyes and smiling lips warmed my heart when going to Solaleh’s house and returning from there, and all these feelings became stronger in me on the day of the mother and child ceremony. When we experienced one of the best and most memorable days of our lives in a calm environment with a detailed and regular schedule.
I’m sure my husband felt the same way on Father’s Day. When we had to stay at home, with the wisdom of our loved ones at Solaleh House, Hossein did not miss a single day of education and growth during the golden age before elementary school. Solaleh’s excellent and expert packages bring warmth and hope to our home in the cold and disappointing days of the pandemic outbreak, and not only did Hossein benefit from it but; My husband and I also benefited from the love of our family and friends.
Coloring sheets that turned the stress of those days into color and took them out of us, and pink books that caressed our souls and helped us raise children. I wish from the bottom of my heart we could stay in this house, it’s a pity that separation is an integral part of our human lives. The memories of Solaleh Khosheh always remain warm and alive in our hearts. Just as in Hossein’s eyes, every time we pass in front of Solaleh’s house, we see colorful and beautiful memories. I am thankful that the members of this team are still kind to us and that our friendship is still standing.

خوشه سلاله - کاور

3 to 6 Years Old


0 to 3 Years Old