Another belief should be made ...

Solaleh is not the only reason for a big name
Solaleh is a huge determination, a clear roar, a mirror of the steely will to build and dynamism
The firm Solaleh of our faith
Solaleh means belief
Solaleh means understanding the value of a human being
Solaleh means the golden days of childhood
Solaleh means the pride of a country
Solaleh means to stay and build
Solaleh means Iran

Solaleh is an attitude Solaleh is a common value for you who belong to our country we love Solaleh is one way Solaleh is a promise to travel untraveled roads Solaleh is a lifestyle

Solaleh is a reason to stay and build
Solaleh is an attempt to take a step forward
Solaleh is a hope for a greener step
Solaleh is an opportunity for a better life. The opportunity that we have treasured second by second to find out the true meaning of life in all its sweet Iranian dimensions and to live a beautiful future together

The meaning of Solaleh lies in continuous learning and continuous conquest
in constant self-discovery
to know oneself and intelligent self-governance
in self-leadership and self-improvement
in continuous self-expansion and self-sufficiency and self-reliance
in discovery and innovation
in cultivating a sense of responsibility and denying indifference

Solaleh Box


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