Kian Mehr Cultural Educational Institute

Our girls have always been present side by side with men in all cultural, social, and political fields and have played their role in these fields with their original and capable steps and the injection of the spirit of love, freshness, birth, and growth.
Kian Mehr Institute, side by side with its centers and institutions of the same horizon in Iran, has established educational centers for girls at different levels to play its part in the direction of empowering the attitude, skills, and knowledge of Iranian girls and to provide the richest education and training platforms. Provide for them.
Learning how to learn, how to apply what we have learned, how to live, and how to interact with each other and live together is one of the most important perspectives in the education document for our girls, and we will try to take a comprehensive look at Areas of growth, we provide platforms for our children to play an effective role in their own lives, for the country and the world community.