Kariz Mehr Cultural Educational Institute

Ten years have passed since we took our first promising steps in Jopar Kerman. Since then, we have gone through periods of ups and downs, and even in some stages, the difficulties reached such a level that it made it very difficult to continue the journey, but the support of our companions and the belief in the authenticity of this movement, whose call has reached us from the doors and walls of the society, have kept us standing until now. We hope that the coming days will be much better than the past and we will take steps to develop and consolidate the activities of the Kariz Mehr campus educational institution, which is all concerned with education and training for the pure children of this land . And we know very well that education is the key to conquering the future, and it has long been expected from education to educate the people of tomorrow and prepare today’s generation to live in tomorrow’s society.

Now we are hopeful and determinedly waiting for the day when these raised children will become a base tree, and all that we want and are trying to achieve is these base trees, which will make this ancient border and land proud. We wish good health to all the loved ones who have helped us to reach this stage and we are sure that they have helped us from the bottom of our hearts and will continue to be our friends and companions.

In this regard, Kariz Mehr campus educational institution has been established to create comprehensive educational centers (nursery, preschool, and preschool) in compliance with international standards and use internal experiences, and pay attention to Iranian and Islamic culture to develop basic education in the country. In our plans we try to  establish the centers. Talented students will be attracted to these centers according to the population and ecology of the region and based on predetermined criteria so that in the future they will become successful managers running the society. Without a doubt, the stability and establishment of these centers to achieve the desired goals require having a road map. And the necessary information and awareness in educational, administrative, and financial fields and full and correct use of new methods, and following correct management principles. So far, our seeds of hope have come to fruition in educational centers in Kerman, Zarand, Rafsanjan, Jopar, Hematabad, Lalezar, Safaiyeh, and Yazd in about fifteen educational and cultural centers.