Taranom Solaleh

In the middle of the night, I started a way which I was uncertain in, as if the moonlight had moistened the air. It was me, and the fear of loneliness weighed heavily on my shoulders, and when I was overwhelmed by the twists and turns of searching for a path, your voice gave my the ability to move so that I could take my steps seriously. On that night, I set foot on a two-way road whose pavement testified to your living steps, your soul is full of existence, it melted the frozen atmosphere of the night and warmed and hopeful …

In the days when the great poison of hatred and malice had made the moments cold and heavy, the nights when the cold crushed the bones, my eyes were bright with hope for these nights, when the sun shines behind your steps and my smile. You were the brightness then we passed the rocks and valleys breath by breath and shoulder to shoulder, and we kept the toucans low and drew each other’s broken wings. And now we support each other until we reach the top. Each of us becomes a flame of light to shine to our dreams. that our dreams are interpreted in the horizon of your existence, the trace along this path of companionship, your shining appearance in a halo of colorful, warm and red waves, will make my dreams stable and ready, and tonight, it is the rain that makes our atmosphere fragrant. And it has enlightened our hearts and visions, a hymn that will make our solitudes fuller.
This is the hymn of your songs and Tasnim, which promises spring to the vastness of the world and will revive a drunken and rich soul in the body .of time, to open the closed and broken windows  …
And tomorrow we will stand in the arms of light forever and ever

Taranom Solaleh School’s efforts were to train great, thoughtful, skillful, dignified leaders for the future. Training girls who’d known their talents in different angles and the outcomes were the balance in psychological, mental, emotional, and physical aspects. 

Educating these girls to turn them into responsible and moral human beings. who were capable of improvement in their society and were ready to join the world community and influence it.